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Strategic Marketing Conference

Proceedings, Presentations and Videos:

Presentations and Videos

Presentations and Videos

Proceedings: Marketing the Unique Story of Your Farm Business for Success
Presentations and Videos

Presentations and Videos

Proceedings: The Northeast Competitive Advantage: Increasing Producer Access to Markets
Presentations and Videos

Proceedings: Beyond Growing - Strategies and Technologies That Transform Products to Meet Market Demand

Presentations: Northeast Distribution Business Operations and Strategies

Presentations: Improving Marketing Strategies and Skills for your Business

Topic-oriented clips of general session speaker presentations are available, in a searchable online database. We encourage you to go to the site and view this other information available. Thanks to the eclips@cornell staff for incorporating our conference content into the large and growing database on entrepreneurship and business planning and decision making.

Smart Marketing Publications

The following articles from the Smart Marketing publications are in PDF format. You are welcome to use the information contained in these releases, but pleasecite the source.

Compilations of articles for November 1999-September 2001 (EB 2001-17), November 2001-November 2003 (EB 2004-06), January 2004-October 2006 (EB 2007-01), and January 2008-October 2010 (EB 2010-16) are also available.

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Smart Marketing: 2013 top
Date Title Author(s)
September 2013 Consider a Food Bank As a Market Opportunity Severson, Roberta M.
July 2013 Placement: Key Factors in Choosing a Distribution Channel Cuellar-Healey, Sandra
June 2013 Do Restaurants Cater to Locapours? Using Zagat Survey Data to Examine Factors That Influence Wine List Selections Perla, Joseph, Bradley Rickard, and Todd Schmit
May 2013 The Changing Face of Community Supported Agriculture Miner, Avi
April 2013 Farm-to-Hospital Programs: Factors Influencing Hospital Participation Smith, Bobby J. II
January 2013 How Food Marketers Can Make "Win-Win" Adjustments to their Strategies to Help Consumers Eat Better while Staying Profitable Pearson, Brooke and Kristen Park
Smart Marketing: 2012 top
Date Title Author(s)
November 2012 Making the Most of Collaborative Marketing for Your Farm Ochterski, Jim
October 2012 Choosing the Best Marketing Channels for Producers Selling Meat & Livestock LeRoux, Matthew
September 2012 How Would Trade Liberalization with Canada Impact Tasting Room Sales of New York State Wines? Perla, Joseph M. and Bradley J. Rickard
August 2012 Smart Marketing Includes Services & Relationships Not Just Products Henehan, Brian
July 2012 Cause Marketing Opportunities: GleanNY, Donating Food from Farms to NY's Hungry Schuelk Staehr, Rebecca and Michael Hoffman and Miguel Gomez
June 2012 Local Food Intermediaries -- Do They Matter in the NYS Economy? Jablonski, Becc and Yuri Mansury
May 2012 What is Your Agricultural Commodity Really Worth Henehan, Brian
February 2012 Farm to City Expo: Connecting Farmers to NYC's Wholesale Food System Park, Kristen
January 2012 Producers' Opinions on MarketMaker Impacts Cho, Khin Mar and Donald Tobias
Smart Marketing: 2011 top
Date Title Author(s)
December 2011 Purchasing Organic Foods in New York State Henehan, Brian
November 2011 Evaluating Advertising Strategies for Fruits and Vegetables and the Implications for Obesity in the United States Liaukonyte, Jura, Brad Rickard, Harry Kaiser, and Timothy Richards
October 2011 It's All What You Call It: The Importance of Names for New Apple Varieties Rickard, Brad, Todd Schmit, Miguel Gomez, and Hao Lu
September 2011 Farm-to-School Programs: Factors Influencing Farmer Participation Nicholson, Chuck
August 2011 Farm-to-School Programs: Farmer Involvement Differs Nicholson, Chuck
July 2011 Linking Small and Mid-Scale Farms to Markets: The Case of CNY Bounty Jablonski, Becca
June 2011 FREE Marketing Resource: New York MarketMaker Khin Mar Cho, Donald J. Tobias
April 2011 Organic Agriculture in New York State Henehan, Brian
March 2011 Adapting Marketing to Changing Customer Behaviors and Demands Schulman+Thorogood Group
February 2011 Do Price Premiums Exist for Local Products? Park, Kristen, and Miguel I. Gomez
January 2011 How Do Consumers Respond to Advertising Programs for Fruits and Vegetables Rickard, Brad, Julia Liaukonyte, and Harry M. Kaiser
Smart Marketing: 2010 top
Date Title Author(s)
December 2010 Sustainability and Smart Marketing Hawkes, Rod
October 2010 Tips for Marketing in the Local Meats Market Part II, Talking to Customers LeRoux, Matthew
September 2010 Tips for Marketing in the Local Meats Market LeRoux, Matthew
August 2010 Expanding Farm-to-Chef Sales in Your Market Area - Lessons from Columbia County, NY Schmit, Todd, and Stephen Hadcock
July 2010 15 Case Studies on Local Food Supply Chains Park, Kristen
June 2010 Developing a Wine Marketing Plan for a New Winery White, Gerald
April 2010 Cheese, Please! Park, Kristen, and Debra J. Perosio
March 2010 Factors Affecting the Presence of New York Wines in Upscale New York City Restaurants Preszler, Trent, and Todd Schmit
January 2010 To Buy or Not to Buy .... Influencing Your Customer's Purchases Perosio, Debra
Smart Marketing: 2009 top
Date Title Author(s)
December 2009 20 Ways Farmers Can Improve their Marketing Chops Becker, David
November 2009 "Terroir" or "Tastes Better" The combination of cultivation and culture Weybright, Bob, and Leach, Cheryl
September 2009 Drivers of Vendor Satisfaction and Performance at Farmers' Markets Schmit, Todd M., Miguel I. Gomez, and Bernadette Logozar
August 2009 Maple Weekend: An Educational Event That Has Built a Retail Market Expansion Childs, Steve
July 2009 How Much are Consumers Willing to Pay for Local, Organic, and Nutrition Attributes? Rickard, Brad
June 2009 Successful Local Marketing Henehan, Brian M.
May 2009 Should Customer Satisfaction Be Part of Specialty Crop Growers’ Marketing Strategy? Gómez, Miguel I.
Apr. 2009 Estimates of Produce Sales through Retail and Foodservice Channels Park, K., Kaufman, P.
Mar. 2009 Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Small-Scale Vegetable Producers LeRoux, M., Schmit, T.
Feb. 2009 Links Between Dietary Recommendations and Farm Income for Horticultural Crops Rickard, B.
Jan. 2009 Should Production in High Tunnels Be Part of Your Specialty Crop Enterprise? Wien, Gómez, and Rickard
Smart Marketing: 2008 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2008 Organic Shoppers and Supermarket Retailers Talk about Organics Park, K., D. Perosio, and
McLaughlin, E.
Oct. 2008 Hoop Houses Help Meet Demand for Locally Grown Food Conner, D.S.
Aug. 2008 Food Safety: Its Effect on Marketing Park K. and Perosio, D.
July 2008 Does Your Marketing Program Have a GPS? Part III Perosio, D.
June 2008 Does Your Marketing Program Have a GPS? Part II Perosio, D.
May 2008 Does Your Marketing Program Have a GPS? Part I Perosio, D.
Mar. 2008 Perishable Product Distribution: Marketing Opportunity or Albatross? Part One Gloy, A.
Smart Marketing: 2007 top
Date Title Author(s)
Mar. 2007 Beyond Growing, Part 1: Buyers Looking for "Local" (45 KB) Barry, J. and K. Park
Smart Marketing: 2006 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2006 Fluid Milk Category Management - A Retail Approach to Improving Milk Sales (31 KB) Schmit, T. and C. Chung
Oct. 2006 What's Ahead for Consumer Fluid Milk and Cheese Demands? (44 KB) Schmit, T. and H. Kaiser
Aug. 2006 Finding Market Information for Agriculture Products - Where Can You Go? (45 KB) Park, K.
July 2006 The Hispanic Market in the US - Opportunities and Challenges for the Food Industry (48 KB) Cuellar, S.
June 2006 Managing Marketing Risks (29 KB) Henehan, B.
May 2006 Smart Distribution Strategies - A Review of Some Northeast Distribution Businesses and Their Strategies (44 KB) Barry, J.
Apr. 2006 Pricing Your Products to Survive Rising Energy Costs (45 KB) Uva, W.
Mar. 2006 Marketing Specialty Cheeses in NY: A Piece of Cake? Gloy, A., M. Stephenson
Feb. 2006 Year-Round Marketing of the Seasonal Agriculture Enterprises - Tips and Techniques (42 KB) Weybright, R., Uva, W.
Jan. 2006 Year-Round Marketing of the Seasonal Ag Enterprise - Should I or Shouldn't I? (30 KB) Weybright, R., Uva, W.
Smart Marketing: 2005 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2005 Making Old Things New Again - Marketing Specialty Sauerkraut Products (38 KB) Uva, W.
Nov. 2005 The Impact of Non-Traditional Food Retailers on Produce Distribution (57 KB) Drake, W.
Oct. 2005 RFID and Smart Marketing (30 KB) Hawkes, R.
Sept. 2005 A Guide to Understanding the Value Chain (31 KB) Gloy, B.
Aug. 2005 Marketing Specialty Fruit (32 KB) W. Uva, R. Weybright
July 2005 Marketing Specialty Jams and Jellies to Gourmet Consumers (39 KB) W. Uva
June 2005 Premium Tree-Ripened Fruit - A Ripening Market Opportunity (40 KB) W. Uva, S. Cuellar
Apr. 2005 A Key to Successful Marketing Strategies - And We all Have It! (37 KB) J. Barry
Feb. 2005 Reputation as Your Brand (35 KB) B. Henehan
Smart Marketing: 2004 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2004 Marketing Orientation -- A Producer's View (132 KB) J. Barry
Oct. 2004 Marketing Fundamentals - One Key to New York Specialty Cheese Markets (140 KB) A. Gloy, M. Stephenson
Sept. 2004 Identifying, Building and Selling the Value in YOUR Business (153 KB) B. Weybright
Aug 2004 Sell Value - Not Price (131 KB) B. Weybright
July 2004 Premier Apple Shows the Way Toward Smart Marketing! (164 KB) J. White
June 2004 Milk Protein Imports: How Much Impact and What Can be Done? (132 KB) C. Nicholson and P. Bishop
May 2004 Shortcuts to Measuring Crop Profitability: Are They Misleading? (197 KB) D. Conner
Apr. 2004 Managing Marketing Risks (153 KB) W. Uva
Mar. 2004 Getting the Edge -- Understanding Marketing and Merchandising Practices for Fresh Sweet Corn in Northeast Supermarkets (164 KB) W. Uva
Feb. 2004 Sweet Corn Marketing Opportunities for New York State Growers (157 KB) W. Uva
Jan. 2004 Opportunities for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are Many and Growing in the Food Service Industry (161 KB) S. Cuellar
Smart Marketing: 2003 top
Date Title Author(s)
Nov. 2003 Changing Priorities - The Gateway to New and Exciting Opportunities in School Foodservice Operations (146 KB) S. Cuellar
Oct. 2003 Positioning Your Product in Today's "Supply Chain" (146 KB) B. Henehan
Sept. 2003 Fruit Consumption, Dietary Guidelines, and Agricultural Production in NY: Implications for Local Food Economies (140 KB) C. Peters, N. Bills, J. Wilkins, R. Smith
August 2003 Growing for Profit - Managing Crop Mix According to the Market (115 KB) W. Uva
June 2003 Marketing Strategies of Exemplary Organic Farmers (115 KB) D. Conner
May 2003 Marketing Fruit (144 KB) E. Parkinson
April 2003 Marketing Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports in the US: Status, Challenges and Opportunities (148 KB) S. Cuellar
Feb. 2003 Vegetable Consumption, Dietary Guidelines and Agricultural Production in NY State: Implications for Local Food Economics (122 KB) C. Peters, N. Bills, J. Wilkins, R. D. Smith
Jan. 2003 Some Facts and Myths About "Eliminating the Middleman (143 KB) B. Henehan
Smart Marketing: 2002 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2002 The Role of Price (145 KB) B. Anderson
Nov. 2002 Trade Safeguards and Agricultural Imports: The Case of American Cheese (44 KB) C. Nicholson
Oct. 2002 Getting Started in Farming? 5 Keys to Success (43 KB) S. Richards
Sept. 2002 Does the Organic Label Really Mean What Consumers Want it to Mean? (39 KB) D. Conner
Aug. 2002 Marketing Services (44 KB) W. Uva
July 2002 Back to the Future? Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) in Food Retailing (43 KB) R. Hawkes
June 2002 Who is Reacting to the Food Industry's Generic Advertising Messages? (38 KB) H. Kaiser and T. Schmit
May 2002 Developing a Dairy Marketing Plan? (38 KB) M. Stephenson
Apr. 2002 Food Away from Home Rebounds (35 KB) B. Henehan
Mar. 2002 Contracting in Fresh Produce: Wave of the Future? (133 KB) K. Park
Feb. 2002 Private Label Brands -- A Growth Opportunity for Retailers and Produce Suppliers (150 KB) S. Cuellar
Jan. 2002 Do Consumers Matter? (118 KB)
R. Milligan
Smart Marketing: 2001 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2001 Direct Marketing in New York
(141 KB)
W. Uva
Nov. 2001 Assuring Produce Safety: A Key Industry Marketing Strategy (155 KB) S. Cuellar
Sept. 2001 Marketing Implications of Retail Food Industry Consolidation (172 KB) B. Drake
Aug. 2001 Evaluation of Producer Gains from Commodity Checkoff Programs: Research vs. Promotion (142 KB) C. Chung, H. M. Kaiser
July 2001 Are Consumers Buying More Private Label (or Store Brand) Products? (17 KB) G. German
June 2001 Farm to Retail Price Relationships for Fluid Milk (20 KB) C. Nicholson, A. Novakovic
May 2001 Smart Marketing Includes Services and Relationships -- Not Just Products (16 KB) B. Henehan
Apr. 2001 Understand Your Milk CheckFirst (38 KB) C. Alexander
Mar. 2001 Smart Pricing Strategies (21 KB) W. Uva
Feb. 2001 Knowing Your Market - The Most Challenging Part of a Business Plan (15 KB) C. Schlough
Jan. 2001 Using a Web Site to Keep the Attention of Your Customers (14 KB) W. Lesser
Smart Marketing: 2000 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 2000 Develop a Successful Promotion Program (16 KB) W. Uva
Nov. 2000 Retaining Good Employees is Smart Marketing Tool (27 KB) R. Hawkes
Oct. 2000 The Promotion World According to Retail (46 KB) J. Park, G. German (K. Park, ed.)
Sept. 2000 Market Research for New Products (15 KB) K. Rowles
Aug. 200 Are Your Products Relevant? (27 KB) K. Rowles
July 2000 Buy-Local Marketing Programs Taking Root in New York (33 KB) D. Hilchey
June 2000 Dairy Farmers Bargaining in Unfavorable Market (29 KB) B. Henehan, B. Anderson
May 2000 Ways to Add Value to Farm Milk (32 KB) M. Stephenson
March 2000 Adapting to Changing Markets with New Products (29 KB) K. Rowles
Feb. 2000 Impact of Generic Milk Advertising on New York State Markets (29 KB) H. Kaiser
Jan. 2000 A Growing Dilemma (17 KB) K. Park
Smart Marketing: 1999 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 1999 Travel the Road to Success with a Marketing Plan (37 KB) W. Uva
Nov. 1999 What is Marketing? (16 KB) M. Brunk
Smart Marketing: 1993-1994 top
Date Title Author(s)
Jan. 1994 New Competition in Food Retailing (15 KB) R. Hawkes
Dec. 1993 Your Most Important Asset (15 KB) D. Perosio
Oct. 1993 Know Your Customer's Income (12 KB) E. Figueroa
Aug. 1993 Smart Marketing Can Help the Environment Too (28 KB) R. Hawkes
July 1993 Can Labels Increase Sales of Perishable Products? (13 KB) E. Figueroa
March 1993 Service with a Smile is Good Business (12 KB) W. Lesser
Smart Marketing: 1992 top
Date Title Author(s)
Sept. 1992 Know Your Competitors -- They Know You! (15 KB) D. Perosio
Aug. 1992 Cooperation is Essential to Compete Abroad (13 KB) E. Figueroa
July 1992 Quality is the Key to Success for Food Marketers (13 KB) R. Hawkes
June 1992 Consider Using Export Markets (13 KB) E. Figueroa
May 1992 Farm Direct Marketers Should Band Together (13 KB) E. Figueroa
Apr. 1992 Market Research .... Who, Me? (14 KB) D. Perosio
March 1992 Some Fresh Foods are Convenient, Too (13 KB) W. Lesser
March 1992 Dairy Product Sales Determined by More Than Price (13 KB) D. Russo and E. McLaughlin
Feb. 1992 Opportunities for Local Producers Will Expand in Coming Decade (14 KB) D. Russo
Smart Marketing: 1991 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 1991 What is in a Price? (15 KB) B. Anderson
Nov. 1991 Strategic Market Planning Can Work for You (13 KB) D. Perosio
Sept. 1991 Be Creative When Marketing Your Business (15 KB) D. Perosio
Aug. 1991 Smart Marketing Means Keeping Customers Happy (15 KB) D. Perosio
June 1991 Produce Packaging Poses Disposal Dilemma (12 KB) E. Figueroa
May 1991 Consumer Attitudes on bST Reflect Lack of Information (16 KB) H. Kaiser
April 1991 Farmers Can Get Bigger Share of Food Dollar (14 KB) D. Russo and E. McLaughlin
March 1991 Dairy Farmers Bargaining in Unfavorable Market (15 KB) B. Henehan and B. Anderson
Smart Marketing: 1990 top
Date Title Author(s)
Oct. 1990 Fresh and Frozen Markets Take More NY Apples (13 KB) E. Figueroa
July 1990 Small Farm Businesses Can Compete with the Big Guys (13 KB) J. Green
May 1990 Time Not Ripe for Labeling Produce (13 KB) E. Figueroa
Feb. 1990 Supermarkets Use Varied Tactics to Entice Consumers (14 KB) J. Mackin
Jan. 1990 What is a Dairy Surplus? (13 KB) M. Keniston
Smart Marketing: 1989 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 1989 Dairy Promotion Seems Worth the Cost (14 KB) M. Keniston, A. Novakovic, O. Forker
Nov. 1989 What Will Food Customers Want in the 1990s? (14 KB) G. German
Oct. 1989 Get Ready for More Competitive Markets (15 KB) B. Anderson
Aug.-Sept. 1989 Cheese Production Takes Growing Share of NY Milk (13 KB) M. Keniston, A. Novakovic
July 1989 Farmers Weigh Cooperatives Against Private Firms (14 KB) B. Henehan, B. Anderson
June 1989 When Prices Are High, Nobody Cares About Marketing (12 KB) W. Lesser
May 1989 Break into New Markets Well Informed (14 KB) J. Green
April 1989 Food Marketers Must Be Alert to Lifestyle Changes (14 KB) R. Hawkes
April 1989 Are Dairy Farmers Getting Their 15 Cents Worth? (15 KB) H. Kaiser
March 1989 A Global Look at Food Prices (13 KB) R. Hawkes
Smart Marketing: 1988 top
Date Title Author(s)
Dec. 1988 Achieving a Desired Gross Margin Through Retail Sales (15 KB) G. German
July 1988 Use Marketing Research to Gauge Product's Potential (15 KB) W. Lesser
June 1988 Seasonality is a Problem for NY Dairy Industry (13 KB) H. Kaiser
May 1988 FAX Machine Is Good Marketing Tool (13 KB) E. Figueroa
April 1988 Fruit and Vegetable Producers Should Pool Resources for Promotion (13 KB) E. Figueroa
March 1988 Consumers' Food Choices: Implications for Marketers (13 KB) E. McLaughlin
Feb. 1988 Make Sure Your Cooperative Is Working For You (17 KB) B. Anderson